To be, or not to be–a Mom

Elizabeth, Victoria, Alyssa, Mia, Lilia Sophie, Ava, Bela… these are just a few of the girl baby names I’ve picked out over the years for a future daughter of mine. When I see this list, I can remember the age and time of my life when I chose it. For example, I was a huge... Continue Reading →

Being single is a disease??

My tagline under my blog's title reads “40yo+Single+Pakistani+American=we’ll see where this goes…” As I was thinking of a new post to write, I was literally at a point where I didn’t know where this next one will go, and it scared me.  After I wrote the last piece about my parents, I didn’t know if... Continue Reading →

Venus and Morgan AND June 14, 1972

On June 14, 1972, my mom and dad, Venus and Morgan, eloped.  Couples elope all the time here in the U.S. for various reasons, but in 1972, in the country of Pakistan, this was certainly not the cultural norm that was expected of my parents, but you see they had to elope since their love... Continue Reading →

L.A. vs. the other LA

Los Angeles vs. Louisiana. Is there a winner? At the start of each semester, I play an icebreaker game with my students to introduce myself to them. On the PowerPoint slide, I list eight statements about me. Four of them are true about me, and four of them are not true. On a sheet of... Continue Reading →

Breaking down the ABCD…

ABCD: American Born Confused Desi.  Desi (pronounced day-see) is the term used to describe anyone of South Asian descent, and an ABCD is the child of immigrant parents from a South Asian country who was born (or raised) in America, and according to the rest of the definition, he or she is “confused” about his or her... Continue Reading →

Meet the Pakistani Southern Belle

“You ugly musilum piece of dung.” Nestled on my couch in my North Hollywood apartment, iphone in hand, I stared at the private Facebook message (the word Muslim clearly misspelled).  It was a Saturday night around 8; I was alone, but suddenly I felt like I was being watched, wondering if my personal information was... Continue Reading →

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